6 March 2010

A Hound's Tale

In my last update on Simon, we were upping his meds to 90 mg of Vetoryl once a day, in the hopes that this adjustment would do the trick.  No such luck.

Since the beginning of February, his medication was changed to 45 mg twice a day, then 60 mg twice a day.  After his last ACTH stimulation test, the vet said that Simon's cortisol levels were finally in the proper range.  However, the excessive drinking/urinating haven't returned to normal.  After consultation (by the vet) with the company that makes Vetoryl, it was decided to increase the meds slightly to 70 mg twice a day.  If this adjustment doesn't reign in the drinking/peeing, we will have to try another medication.  This increase in medication is not without its risks - if Simon's cortisol levels get suppressed too much, he can have an Addisonian crisis, which can be life threatening. 

Between the anxiety over the little man's health and the possibility of overdose, I am feeling the strain.  Not to mention the cost - treatment has not been cheap (let's just say that I could buy a whole lot of fabric with the money being spent on drugs and testing). 

Simon is doing well otherwise.  Other than watery eyes, stiff and occasionally trembling rear legs (which are side effects of the medication),  you wouldn't even know he is ill.  He still bellows for his supper and wags his tail like mad when my hubby comes home at night.


gwensews said...

Poor little guy. Wishing him, and you, better days.

Claire S. said...

I'm always happy to see an update about Simon. When I read a new post, I always wonder how he is. Hopefully, you will find the right balance of meds soon. Sending good thoughts your way & cuddles to Simon.

Faye Lewis said...

I use to not understand how people loved their dogs so much. Then I had one myself and now I understand fully. Hope his meds get balanced out soon so he can feel much better.

Carol said...

Sending love and good wishes.

Debbie Cook said...

Hey - that looks more like a hound's ear than his tail. ;-)

Seriously, how frustrating for you. I hope you can get things sorted for Simon (and you) soon, but in the meantime, it's good to know he's not actually feeling poorly.

Getting old sucks ... no matter if you're human or canine, and feeling helpless while our loved ones aren't healthy sucks even more. :-(

Hang in there!

Ann's Fashion Studio said...

I know this has to be hard on you and I hope the medication gets worked out.

Linda said...

I am sorry to hear that the meds are still not improving things for Simon or you. Thoughts are with you.

Nancy K said...

thanks for the update on simon.

Marie-Christine said...

My advice: throw those vet bills right out. After you write the check that's it - don't look at the bills, don't let them in the house, don't file them anywhere, just don't.
However bellowing for his supper is an excellent sign. As long as that goes on, you still have a really alive dog. A pet on the head to both of you..

Coco, not as in Chanel :) said...

Poor little guy. I pray for the medicine to help him.

Reethi said...

Hugs to Simon, and good wishes...

Lisette M said...

Hang in there, best wishes from my beagle home to yours.

Anonymous said...


When are people going to wake up.
There are NO GOOD DRUGS for PEOPLE or
Insulin does not cure diabetes.
Antibiotics mean "anti-life", they only kill.
Mammograms cause cancer.

There are better ways.

EDUCATE YOURSELVES before you agree to treatments recommended by doctors and vets.

amber said...

Wow, nice to see that "anonymous" is being so helpful. :eyeroll:

Anywho, I'm sorry to hear that you're still trying to get everything worked out with Simon, poor little guy. :(

Anonymous said...


Heal your dog.

denise@thebluegardenia.com said...

Warm internet hugs to the little guy. Illness hasn't impinged his cutitude one bit. He's so adorable.

meredithp said...

Glad to hear that he's still bellowing...always a good sign. Hang in there, it will work out.

Shannon said...

To Anonymous 9:57 AM:

"Insulin does not cure diabetes."
No one ever said it did.

"Antibiotics mean "anti-life", they only kill."
Actually, it means anti bacteria.

"Mammograms cause cancer."
Seriously? Are you crazy or just stupid?


"There are better ways."
Like? Odd that you don't provide any specific suggestions.

"EDUCATE YOURSELVES before you agree to treatments recommended by doctors and vets."
I would suggest that you educate yourself and cease with the dispensation of fear mongering and misinformation. Sheesh.

gaylen said...

Oh I think of Simon each and every time I see a beagle walking by. Hope he is doing well and getting better by the minute.

And - like me - you know you would give up fabric all together if it would make him better. g

Teddylyn said...

I'm hoping Simon levels out with the new med routine. Never easy to have a sick canine. Mine just had 9 teeth pulled and we're hoping that improves his general health. He's a "mature" boy too...gotta love the guys.

Lynda in LV

Mary Beth said...

Shannon, the sound of clapping you might hear is me (and probably many others) applauding your response to Anonymous! Hope Simon keeps up the bellowing (devilish grin)

angie.a said...

Anonymous...Take a fast train to Hades, will you?

Simon...Get well soon my beagle friend! And tell your mama I <3 her! :)

ReaderRita said...

I agree with angie.a, Mary Beth, amber, and you, Shannon- Anonymous is a fear monger, gutless, and a big creep. I wonder why they read this blog?

Also interesting is what you said, Shannon-how AnonymousTroll merely posts negatives, and never offers any constructive ideas of his/her own. Might lead one to believe that AnonymousTroll doesn't have any original ideas...
It's SO telling that this type never posts under their own moniker.
Plus, I wonder what he/she is selling...
('cause it sure sounds like they're selling something- and I didn't even follow the link!)

Anyway-and MUCH more importantly- I hope that Simon gets back on track, and that all is well for your whole family. (((A big giant hug to you all!)))