22 April 2008

SWAP Combos - Part 1

Over the next few days, I want to finish up my SWAP 2008 posts with pictures of the combinations that are possible using the different garments.

Today, I will start with the all the combos based the sand wool crepe top:

Sand wool crepe top (V1050) + sand wool crepe skirt (V1050) + beige wool crepe coat (V5630)
This picture cracks me up. I guess I must be daydreaming about all the possible SWAP combos I can create with my new wardrobe!

Sand wool crepe top (V1050) + green herringbone wool skirt (B4105)

Sand wool crepe top (V1050) + multi-coloured tweed skirt (V5521 - wardrobe pattern)

Sand wool crepe top (V1050) + terracotta wool skirt (V5521 - wardrobe pattern)

Next up, all the combinations with the green herringbone top:

Green herringbone top (B4105) + green herringbone skirt (B4105)

Green herringbone top (B4105) + sand wool crepe skirt (V1050)

Green herringbone top (B4105) + multi-coloured tweed skirt (V5521 - wardrobe pattern)

Green herringbone top (B4105) + terracotta skirt (V5521 - wardrobe pattern)

Tomorrow: All the combos with the multi-coloured tweed top and the terracotta top.


Dana said...

This is what I absolutely LOVE about SWAP, seeing all the possibilities put togther! You look great in everything. The color on that terra cotta skirt is amazing. Can't wait to see what's up tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

The combos are great. I especially like the skirts. You know, I see more of an Audrey Hepburn whimsy in you than Jackie. Similiar styles though. Anyway, I'm waiting for the dresses!!! Everything is so chic, so tastefully elegant, so...so grown-up!

Beth said...

Your creations are GORGEOUS!!! I'm really impressed with your work, so much more ambitious than my own.

RobinE said...

How lovely! It's very inspiring to see how many ways you can wear all of those spectacular pieces. You are such a great planner!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sewing and showing such exquisite garments. You are such a sewing inspiration. This SWAP is just perfect!

Vicki said...

What lovely photos. I hope the neighbours weren't watching as you were doing the quick changes...lol

Looking forward to the next post.

LauraLo said...

Beautiful! I love all the combos but I think that at least, so far, the Chanel-ish suit is my favorite!

cidell said...

I must say that this is so inspiring. I love seeing everything together. I'm in awe of how you've thought it all through beforehand.

MaryPat R said...

I especially like that teh coat lining matches your hair so perfectly. You are just SO well co-ordinated!

Rachelle said...

What an incredibly classy SWAP! So many lovely pieces, and I really like that the fabrics are complimentary, not matchy-matchy. Way to go!

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

I think it is so kewl that even though your wardrobe seems like just a combination of suits that they break up and work so well with the other pieces. I know a lot of time and effort went into making that work and it shows! It really shows!

Anonymous said...

I love your swap. The colors and pairings are wonderful.

ambika said...

I think of all the separates, that full skirt is my absolute favorite. The entire wardrobe is absolutely brilliant though. I am beyond impressed.