5 August 2007

Butterick 4745 & BWOF 119 (11/05)

Pattern: Butterick 4745 & BWOF119 (11/05)

Size: B4745 comes in sizes 6 to 20 - I made size 8. BWOF119 comes in sizes 36 to 42 - I made size 36.

Fabric: Orange/brown/yellow cotton & orange wicking fabric, both from Wazoodle.

Project Photo:

Comments: I love this skirt. It is very simple to make and it is flattering. It is just two pieces - front and back. Rather than a waistband, the waist is finished with bias tape, so it is smooth and comfortable to wear. I can whip up one of these skirts (from pattern layout to hemming) in about an hour, so it makes for a quick, easy summer skirt. I have plans for some winter skirts with this pattern as well - I see them in faux suede and lightweight tweed.

This is another T-shirt from my TNT pattern. I have at least 8 shirts made from this pattern now and I'm positive I will make at least 8 more in the future.

Conclusion: Another fast addition to my summer wardrobe. What I like best about this outfit is that it is cool for the summer months, but because of the warm colours, it will work throughout autumn as well.


Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Shannon ~ thanks for sharing some of your summe sewing with us! I am sure that when you are out and about now you look so well put together...one of those women that people stare at and wonder how they do it! And I especially like this outfit...I agree that it will work great for those first few weeks of school when fall hasn't really arrived yet!

gaylen said...

I love this outfit. I also love how more woman are looking put together in a very comfortable way when they are out running errands. Had a BBQ for The Princess yesterday - she wore a dress, I wore a dress and one of the guests wore a dress. Everyone else was "sloppy." And I'd be willing to bet we were far more cool and comfortable.