2 July 2007

Fabric Mecca, Here I Come!

I won't be around for the next few days. My husband & I are going up to Toronto to visit his brother. My brother-in-law just bought a new house that I haven't seen yet, so up to TO we go. However, I cannot tell a lie - I have other more nefarious motives for agreeing to this journey:


Here I come Queen Street. There a few stores that I never miss - LA Fabrics, The Wool House and Mokuba Trims. There are several other stores that I enjoy going into as well, but I can't remember the names - I'll have to pay better attention this time around.

I'll report back next weekend on my haul - see you then!


Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Have a great week and I expect a full report - pictures and everything when you return!

Anonymous said...

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designdreamer said...

I'm SEW jealous!!!! My dd would never come fabric shopping with me, of course, perhaps your's is staying with his brother while you shop?? How far is Toronto? I'd be there once a month!

Summerset said...

Lucky you! Have a wonderful trip!

designdreamer4 said...

That should have said DH!

Linda said...

Now why did I not know about this district when I was in Toronto about 12 years ago!!!! Lucky you, I am envious. Like Carolyn, I want photos!!!

Anonymous said...

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