10 December 2006

You Have to Start at the Bottoms to Get to the SWAP

Hi all! I haven't posted this week, because, in all honesty, I had nothing interesting to say. Now that I finally have some progress to report - I'm back.

I have been working on a muslin for the Loes Hinse Oxford pants for the last couple of days. I know, I know - I should be working on my SWAP (believe me, my collected pile of fabric and patterns is staring at me and working the most effective silent guilt trip you could ever imagine). However, I am desperate for some new pants for work. Now that the weather has cooled down considerably here (it has been hovering around 0 Celsius, with windchills as low as -14 Celsius), I really don't want to be wearing skirts and dresses as much. Basically skirts are off-limits for me in the winter because I HATE pantyhose and tights. I can never find a pair that fits properly - they are usually too long in the legs and I can't stand the diaper-like feeling one gets when the excess fabric bunches up in the nether regions (if you get my drift). So, anyhow, I am already pleased with the fit of my Euros, so I thought I would get the Oxfords up to speed, too. I have about 8 fabrics just waiting to be transformed into one or the other of these pants.

Then, it's onto the SWAP sewing. At this point, I am unsure of where to start. The plans that I posted earlier have changed and evolved a fair amount. I think I will keep you all in suspense and post each item as I begin to sew it.

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