10 December 2006

Can You Cut the Cluster Mustard?

There has been much talk on sewing discussion boards over the years on the best basic pieces required in one's wardrobe. The conversation has centred around the articles of clothing and how they relate to one another. Of course, there is the SWAP concept (originally introduced by Australian Stitches magazine), which, for me, was a life-altering revelation - no more orphans in my closet, thank you very much! I recently have run across another approach to wardrobing, referred to as "clusters". There are two basic clusters which can be followed (below are my interpretations - see the previous link for all the info):

The Cluster with Separates
2 jackets + 3 skirts + 4 blouses + 2 sweaters = 48 looks
  • Jacket #1 - dark solid colour
  • Jacket #2 - patterned fabric (tweed, herringbone or houndstooth)
  • Skirt #1 - matches jacket #1 to create a suit, as well as being used as a separate
  • Skirt #2 - matches jacket #2 to create a suit, as well as being used as a separate
  • Skirt #3 - softer in look and texture (pair this with one of the blouses for a dress look)
  • Blouse #1 - long sleeved in white or off-white silky fabric
  • Blouse #2 - in a light, solid shade
  • Blouse #3 - in a solid colour or pattern to match skirt #3
  • Blouse #4 - a T-shirt in an accent colour
  • Sweater #1 - solid colour cardigan
  • Sweater #2 - V-neck or jewel-neck pullover

The Dress Option

5 dresses + 2 jackets = 15 looks
  • Dress #1 - light bodice with dark skirt to combine with a dark jacket for a suit look
  • Dress #2 - another neutral in a lighter colour
  • Dress #3 - small pattern
  • Dress #4 - another neutral again, in a different style then the previous 3 dresses
  • Dress #5 - another pattern or accent colour
  • Jacket #1 - dark jacket to work with dress #1 (cardigan or blazer)
  • Jacket #2 - a colour that work with the dresses above (cardigan or blazer)
The article also goes on to discuss accessories, such as scarves, belts, shoes, bags and jewellery. All in all, another interesting way of approaching the creation of a coordinated wardrobe.

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French.Seam said...

I love the idea of a Cluster wardrobe. However, I flinch at buying that much fabric all at once! The most I've spent was £100 (about $200) as a treat when I went for my last oncology checkup - most of it is still sitting in my stash too.