27 November 2006

A Stomach & Four Legs

First, let me introduce you to Simon - the undisputed love of my life for ten years now (don't tell my husband).

Anyone that lives with a hound will chuckle in acknowledgement when they see this photo. A hound is not driven by love, ambition, hatred or greed - there is one emotion that is stronger than all of those - hunger.
Simon, besides being a glutton, also thinks he is a cat. He is happiest when he is resting at the highest point in a room. You'll often find him sprawled on the back of the couch.


Anonymous said...

I have a dog myself and your post did make me laugh. Mine's a cocker spaniel and he sometimes acts like he's a cat too, he likes to purr lol. And he also likes to bound like he's a horse lol.

Tobi said...

Oh my gosh - that last picture is just adorable!! My parents have a beagle and I love him to pieces!