9 January 2012

Lacquer Lundi

I haven't done a Lacquer Lundi post in ages.  I stopped doing my nails when we first adopted Hartley.  He was still a puppy then and he demanded attention (which I was more than willing to provide) every five minutes.  So, drying time for polish was in very short supply.  Well, now he's all grown up, so I have more time to lay on the lacquer.  I have a drawer full of untrieds, so I will be hopping back onto the mani bandwagon.

However, I will be using a new method to review the polishes.  I'll be using less words than before, so the new format is short and sweet (kinda like me!).  Besides, everybody pretty much just looks at the pictures anyhow, right?  :)

On to the pretties...

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri - Blazing Blue
- purchased at Zehrs (chain grocery store) for $5.99

Colour: A dark navy blue with subtle silvery shimmer.  Intense and moody.

Number of Coats for Opacity: After one coat, most nails were fine, only a few needed a slight touch up with a thin second coat.  So, shall we sahll 1.5 coats did the trick?

Formula: Excellent - not too thick, not too thin.

Wear: Great.  Two days with only minor tip wear.

Comments:  I have always loved these Insta-Dri polishes.  The wide brush is one of my favourites!

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure - Sea And Be Seen
- purchased at Zehrs (chain grocery store) for $4.99

SH Sea And Be Seen in a well-lit room
SH Sea And Be Seen in direct sunlight

Colour: Light blue, frosty with silver shimmer.  In the bottle, a pink/mauve cast can be seen, but not so much on the nail.  The shimmer, however, is very apparent on the nail when in direct sunlight - it's very pretty!  I have included two pictures - one in direct sunlight and one in a well-lit room.

Number of Coats for Opacity: Even after three coats, I still had a bit of visible nail line.  However, I don't fault the polish, as I believe the intention was for a sheerish application.

Formula: Excellent - not too thick, not too thin.

Wear: Great.  Two days with only minor tip wear.

Comments:  The SH Complete Salon Manicure line is excellent.  Great colours. Great formula and application.  Great wide brush.  Love 'em!


Finally, just before I go, let me do a public service announcement.  Denise (who is a real sweetie pie), over at Blue Gardenia, has asked me to tell you about a sale she is having.  And, since she says it better than I could, here's what she had to say:

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Pam from South Australia said...

That's more like it. Love the 'pretties'. I've missed them.

Jenny said...

Very pretty blues for a chilly Monday morning. I think I have that first one and love it! I always feel more cool with navy nails.

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Hey, I'm just glad that you are posting regularly again...show me anything you want! :) But some sewing would just make me ectastic!

Reethi said...

I'm too impatient to actually sit down and let polish dry, but I'll echo what Carolyn said - it's nice to see you posting.

D said...

I'm not a huge lover of light blues on myself, but goodness, that first polish is lovely!

Sz said...

So glad to have Laquer Lundi to read again. Thank you!

Jane M said...

Hooray, Laquer Lundi returns. Shannon, you inspired me to get my acrylic nails (of 20 years) removed and now I'm learning to give myself an occasional manicure. And those blues are might tempting.

Isabelle said...

Oooh, blues! Love them!

Denise said...

Those blues are fabulous! Chic and sexy.