27 December 2010

12-4-12 *Modern Pattern Picks*

In my last post, I mentioned the "Jacket a Month for 2011" (which I have been calling "12-4-12" in my head each time I see the name) sew-a-long at Stitcher's Guild.  At this point, I have already completed two unlined jackets from Butterick 5567; view B in a yellow wool/polyester blend gabardine and view D in a navy tropical wool that looks like fancy denim. 

I have also cut out the jacket from Buttterick 5247 using a nifty brown wool that has burnt orange and off-white threads running through it. 

I may seem like I'm really getting ahead of myself (considering it's not actually 2011 yet) on this 12-4-12 challenge, but I know I will be inordinately busy in the spring and summer with the building of the new house.  So, I want to build in a buffer of a few jackets already finished for when my time is limited.

Lastly, here are a few more jackets/coats that have captured my imagination lately:


lsaspacey said...

Wow, all of them are great choices and will look fabulous on you. Can't wait to see what fabric you pair with each pattern. Have fun!

Christiana said...

Fabulous! With all those fantastic patterns out there, how does one decide which comes first. Love the jackets, and judging by the patterns, it looks like vests are making a comeback too!


Dharma said...

Already two jackets completed?! You must be in the groove!! Like your pattern choices for the future. Look forward to seeing the collection as it progresses.

shams said...

Wow, good for you! But smart to take advantage of available time.

I'm still on my first one. Must get off computer. :)

Nicole said...

Love your blog. I just wanted to let you know that I sewed the Vogue 7764 a few years ago. It has great details and was easy for me to sew (even in an very stretchy woven.) The only reason I didn't end up wearing it was the extremely deep armhole; it was almost like a batwing. You can see it in the illustration, but it's much worse when sewn. So, if you correct for that it's a beautiful jacket, probably the best of the military styles out there now.

Happy Holidays,

She Says said...

My fave is B4991. Love that collar.