24 May 2010

Lacquer Lundi

I have been pretty vocal in the past about my dislike for soft pink nail polish (and I still stand by that sentiment).  However, this week I was feeling the love for pink, but not just any pink.  If I'm going to do pink, it has to be special.  So, check out the three pinks, with a twist, below.  And, I have a nifty purple, to finish things off.

On to the pretties:

Sally Hansen Nail Prisms - Pink Rose Diamond
- purchased on eBay for $3.99 US

Pink Rose Diamond is a gorgeous hot pink holographic polish.  It is beautiful in all light conditions, but it absolutely comes alive in the sunlight.  Unfortunately, Sally Hansen Nail Prisms are no longer on the market, but they can be found on eBay - most for reasonable prices.  I can't believe Sally Hansen discontinued this line of polishes, as they are so pretty.  I have been trying to collect as many of the polishes in this line as I can get my hands on.

Pink Rose Diamond applied wonderfully and required only two coats for complete opacity.  The polish wore well also, with only very minor tip wear after one day. 

Sally Hansen Salon - Exotic Magenta & Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear - Rockstar Pink
- SHS purchased at Rexall (chain drug store) for $5.99 CDN
- SHHANXW purchased at Zellers (chain discount store) for $2.99 CDN

Exotic Magenta is a hot pink with a silver shimmer that gives the polish a metallic look.  It is what pink should be - bold, bright, poke you in the eye with colour kind of pink. 

Exotic Magenta applied nicely and covered in two coats.  However, I decided to kick it up a notch by laying on some glitter.

Enter Rockstar Pink, a hot pink (the main colour), teal, red and silver glitter.  It is everything glitter should be - sparkly, with just the right amount of gaudy.  Delicious!

I used two coats of Rockstar Pink on all my nails, except for the ring fingers.  I really like this look.  I had tip wear and no chips after two days.

New York Color - Purple Pizzazz
- purchased at Rexall (chain drug store) for $1.36 CDN

Purple Pizzazz (their spelling, not mine) is a really cool purple/blue duochrome (it looks purple in some directions, but flashes blue in other directions). You can see both colours in the photo to the left.

Purple Pizzazz applied well and was fully opaque in two coats.  It wore well - only tip wear after one day.


Evil Angel said...

Those are the cool kids not just your standard pink!

Alviana said...

i love that rockstar pink. fabulous!

Branka said...

I love exotic magenta, what a gorgeous color!
I dropped by to thank you for your simple yet VERY helpful lining/undelining explanation on my comments! I spent HOURS trying to figure out what's the difference between the two, and it was your simple comment that helped in the end. Turns out, i undelined the front, and lined the back of my top.
Go figure... oh well at least I'm learing:)
thanks again

denise@thebluegardenia.com said...

I love Exotic Magenta straight up. Tonight I applied my favorite red. Lippmann Collection Sophisticated Lady. Not so flawlessly as you apply yours though.