10 May 2010

Lacquer Lundi

Today, I have a new nail polish line for all the Canadian gals in the crowd:  Joe Fresh Style nail polish.  I found my bottles at Zehrs, although it appears to also be available at Superstores and Loblaws.

The colour selection is decent.  Although there is a distinct emphasis on pinks and reds, there are several fashion forward blues, pastels and dark vampies.  I decided to stick to the pastels for my first foray into Joe Fresh Style polish.

The bottles are tiny - a mere 6 mL, compared to OPI's substantial 15 mL or BB Couture's ginormous 18 mL bottles.  However, for polish addicts like me that don't see many repeat polish wearings, the small bottle is just fine.

All the polishes I am reviewing had the same characteristics, so I will speak about them all together.  The formula is good - ever so slightly thick, but not annoyingly do.  The polishes are very pigmented and in each case, I was content with two regular coats for complete coverage (if I had been more careful, I could have gotten away with one thick coat).  The brush is excellent (similar to the OPI Pro wide brush) and makes application a breeze.  The polish also dries nice and quickly.  The wear is decent - only tip wear after two days (although I did have one small chip with Mint).  All in all, a good bang for the buck!

On to the pretties:

Joe Fresh Style - Faded Violet & Essie - Sterling Silver
- JFS purchased at Zehrs (chain grocery store) for $3.33 CDN
- Essie purchased at Rachelle's (local beauty salon) for $0.50 CDN

Faded Violet (left) is such a pretty pastel purple, that is so springy and fresh.

Looking to extend my manicure, but have a different look, I added a couple of coats of Sterling Silver (right).

Joe Fresh Style - Mint & Essie - Classical
- JFS purchased at Zehrs (chain grocery store) for $3.33 CDN
- Essie purchased at Rachelle's (local beauty salon) for $0.50 CDN

Pastel green is so trendy these days and Mint (left) is a great addition to the passel of light greens that are available in stores right now.

The addition of two coats of the frosty Classical (right) kicked this mani up a notch.

Joe Fresh Style - Powder Blue
- JFS purchased at Zehrs (chain grocery store) for $3.33 CDN

Powder Blue is such a refreshing colour.  It speaks of summer skies and cool waters.  Lovely.


cidell said...

I am totally looking for these when I get to Montreal this June!

Carol said...

These colours are gorgeous! I want them all.

Heather said...

I will be checking these out.
I got my 2 y.o. granddaughter "Joe" shoes at Superstore and she loves them so I'll be checking out more Joe things.