6 September 2009

More Fabric Haulin'

As many of you know, Fabric Mart has a 20% off sale on right now. Well, I spoted some silk charmeuse that I need for a project, do I figured I'd pick up a few yards. Then the flood gates opened:

The first two fabrics (an avocado and an olive silk charmeuse) are for the project. The brown floral silk charmeuse, brown wool knit, tan tropical wool, grey graphic silk twill and heathered grey suiting have less distinct usages in mind. They just seemed like they would like to come live with me. I also picked up a free bundle (premium members can still get the bundle during the sale - just click on "check for special offers" button at the bottom of the shopping cart page).

All in all, I'm still in the negative for fabric acquisition this year, so I maintain that my halo is intact.

Update: It looks like I didn't get the last two fabrics. Double crud! I was really looking forward to adding some more grey to my wardrobe.


Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

LOL - my latest dress' fabric arrived in a fabric mart box on Friday. You see how long it took me to get that from flat fold to a garment! The brown wool is a little scratchy. It was in my box too...and it's already been through the wash cycle with a little Eucalan. Hopefully it will come out to play before the week is over because it fluffed up nicely with a little wash, a couple of hours on the shower rod and then 30 minutes in the dryer. Plus the scratchiness went away!

Love what you bought, btw!

kiltsnquilts said...

You Go Girl! I can see your halo shining from here Lol! Beautiful fabrics, enjoy them :-)

Gail said...

Great choices. I'll watch out for them as garments in future posts. Congratulations on not over buying fabric. I'm trying my best on that score too.

Carol said...

I love that avocado fabric. I'm trying so hard not to buy stuff and then you go and show me this ... was it St Augustine who said 'Give me chastity and self restraint, but not yet'?

amber said...

Those are some beautiful fabrics! Man, I just love fall stuff!

Shelley's Garden said...

Love those fabric choices and glad your order got in. I couldn't access the site tonight. I was also hoping to order some of that beautiful brown sweater fabric. Hopefully some is still left!