27 August 2009

Wardrobe in a Week

Jacket: Loes Hinse Bolero (view A)
Skirt: Loes Hinse Tango (view A)
Pants: Loes Hinse Hepburn Pant (view A)
Top: Vogue 8495 (view A).

Size: Jacket & Skirt - size XS; Pants - size S; Top - size 8

All fabrics from Fabric Mart
Jacket - Tan/mineral blue silk/rayon tweed
Skirt - Tan Triacetate/polyester herringbone weave
Pants - Mineral blue silk/linen
Top - Mineral blue/tan/gold silk charmeuse.

Project Photo

Comments: I decided to participate in the August Wardrobe in a Week (WiaW) adventure on Stitcher's Guild. The goal is to make four pieces of coordinating clothing during a one week time span.

The unlined jacket, skirt and pants were all made with TNT Loes Hinse patterns. These babies literally fly off the sewing machine. They are quick and painless, yet they easily fit into a sophisticated professional wardrobe. When I need a quick outfit, these are the patterns I know I can count on.

The top is V8495. I fell in love with the drawing of view A on the envelope cover. Although I am not normally a fan of top that has this big of a maternity vibe, I decided to throw caution to the wind and go for it. So, I started by making a wearable muslin of some medium weight linen. From the muslin, I was easily able to see that this top has a definite "is she preggo?" vibe. But, I figured that most of this vibe was the fault of the stiffish linen fabric. I figured the soft, flowy silk charmeuse would be a better pairing with this pattern and the maternity feel would be overcome. Um, yeah - ladies, always listen to that little voice inside. It speaks the cold, hard truth. Although the silk version is less "baby on board" than the linen version, it is still far more "bun in the oven" than I am comfortable sporting. I will always be wearing this top with a fitted jacket over top, just like in the project photo above.

Conclusion: Well, I give this project a 3.5 out of 4. Jacket - good; skirt - good; pants - good; top - meh.


Lisette M said...

Great looking wardrobe, including the cute shoes!;-)

Tami said...

Congrads on getting the wardrobe done. I was reading about it on SG and thought it was a great idea. One thought on the top, maybe if you shorten it to the lenght of the jacket or alittle shorter it will not feel so "preggo".
I love that you use Loes Hines patterns. I have 2 of them and have yet to cut into them. You have made me want to get them out and start a fall wardrobe.
Great job agian.

Anonymous said...

I haven't heard about this contest. You are looking great! I love the mix of fabrics and their textures!

Trudy Callan said...

That's quite impressive to accomplish sewing up a wardrobe in a week. Looks great.

lsaspacey said...

I agree with Tami and think the top would be more attractive if shortened. Pin it up and see if that works.

Sherril said...

Shannon, you still have time to make a top you like. I think it look good with the jacket though. Where did you get the fabric for your skirt? I think I have the same fabric from Fabric Mart, but I couldn't remember the fabric content. Mine is winter white and I also have it in a dove gray.

faerielady said...

Wonderful work... I can't seem to sew an outfit in a year, much less a week. I'm trying to get better at that.

I do have a couple questions... Do you serge any seams? I also noticed that you are very fond of the Hepburn pants and they look outstanding on you, however they wouldn't look so well on someone who is a bit heavier than they should be, would they? As in, I'm 5'1" and 158 lbs. I haven't considered those pants because I thought they'd draw attention to my midsection and bum.

Nancy K said...

How about a belt on the top? I do see the issues with this top and you're right, always listen to that inner voice! The colors are lovely and the other pieces are great.
Who do these tops look good on is my question? I couldn't wear it and I am large busted, you're small busted and you don't like how it fits. There are really lots of these patterns out there too.

Pam~Off The Cuff ~ said...

What a fabulous group of separates!
You have a terrific sense of color and style.

Teddylyn said...

Great group of garments! You look great in them! I love my LH patterns and will be making a few myself in the coming weeks!

Enjoy all of your new duds!

Lynda in LV

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Okay, I went scrolling for pictures...hoping to see the outfit worn different ways *hint, hint* but I guess I will survive! I understand how taxing taking pictures can be! ;)

Gawd, are you getting a lot done this summer...maybe I need to look into getting a teaching certificate?! :)

BTW...these are some really pretty garments and did you say the fabric was from Fabric Mart! I think you probably own as much fabric from them as I do!!!

Uta said...

Congratulations! The cooler colors are a little different for you and give the wardrobe a menswear twist (in a good, Marlene way!) while making your red hair really shine. I like it a lot! As to the preggers top, I always find that I need a couple of seasons to get used to the "new" silhouettes. I just bought my first "egg shaped", tunic length dress.

kiltsnquilts said...

Great wardrobe! I love the fabric of your top and my first thought was also to add a belt - I am pear shaped and find that a belt worn a little loose and slung on an angle towards one hip is a flattering look. You could also consider making a waistcoat/vest to wear with it as that would also take away the preggers look.

i have 3 days to get the rest of mine finished! Will work like fury today!

I am off to look at LH patterns now :-)) You make all the ones you have look fantastic and I want to try!!

Carol said...

I like this wardrobe. Like you, I shy away from bun in the oven clothing, no matter how comfortable it is! The whole package looks great on you, though. I have one more dress to finish and then I'm done, too.

Rose said...

What a great wardrobe! You are an inspiration for Loes Hinse patterns as well as getting more sewing done.

Maggie said...

Holy cow, I'm gone one week and can't believe my eyes. You have been seriously busy girl. I like how you have been making jackets with each outfit. I find that no matter how warm it may get inside or out, it's nice to have a jacket to polish off the look. I can see the pieces combining with other items too, but I always like the skirt suit look.

gwensews said...

Ms. Hinse needs to contact you and offer you somethig to model her clothes! I love that jacket, and see you have it pined together with some sort of clip. Very nice.

Marie-Christine said...

Yep. I just made the BWOF version of this top (sorry BS, that's more accurate) out of the lightest, drapiest, floatiest piece of cotton voile. But sure enough - bun in the oven.

I'm still wearing it mind you, because when it's nearly 40o I'd wear the wispy cotton voile stapled onto my body if necessary. But I sure don't feel cute. It's merciful I look far enough beyond menopause that my co-workers probably don't wonder too much :-).

Heather said...

Wow, what wonderful clothes in a week. The jacket looks like it would take much longer. I love the fabric in the blouse but understand your hesitancy on wearing it alone. The little voice inside is worth heeding after all.

Cennetta said...

Lady you are a sewing dynamo. I wish I was at home, right this minute sewing something. anything. Very nice wardrobe. That reminds me; I need to login at the Stitcher's Guild.

Have a great weekend, Shannon.

Gail said...

Funny I never would have picked those patterns. I love they way you turn the most unpromising looking pattern into a winner. Love the combinations of style, colours and texture.

Carole said...

I also made the top and have the same reaction. To add to my misery, I have the middle aged donut tummy anyway! Yuk is right.

Mardel said...

the wardrobe is fantastic together, even if the top is not your favorite. It looks darling with a jacket like the one shown. The way you have put it together is lovely, including the shoes; I always have to look at your shoes.

Tany said...

Gorgeous, from head to toe! Well done!