31 August 2009

Lacquer Lundi

Straight to the pretties:

Sally Hansen New Lengths Ceramics - Seaside
- purchased at Shoppers (chain drug store) for $4.49 CDN

Seaside is a pretty frosty blue that it truly does conjure up images of the sea.

This polish applied well, although it required three coats to be opaque. My issue is with the texture of the polish. It has a bumpy surface, like tiny grains of sand are trapped in the polish. It might be that the pigments used to make this polish were not ground fine enough, resulting in this lumpy consistency.

This polish wore quite well. After three days, I only had minor tip wear.

China Glaze - It's My Turn
- purchased at head2toebeauty.com for $2.99 US

It's My Turn is a bronzey-beige holographic polish from China Glaze's Kaleidoscope collection. The colour is the perfect one for a woman that wants a subdued shade with a bit of a punch. At first glance, It's My Turn is just a nice neutral colour, but brought out into the sun, it comes alive.

This polish applied like a dream and I used three coats for perfect opaque coverage. It wore well over the two days I was sporting it - only minor tip wear.

MAC - Rich, Dark, Delicious
- purchased at maccosmetics.ca for $14.50 CDN

Rich, Dark, Delicious is part of a brand new release of six polishes from MAC. With its deep, dark brown hue, it is like hot fudge in a bottle. I have other browns, but nothing quite this dark that still reads as brown, rather than black.

Although I love the colour, I was a bit disappointed in the formula. Although the polish is of a reasonable consistency (maybe a smidgen runny), it was a tad difficult to apply opaquely. Between the smaller than average brush and the way it moved around the nail, my first coat was streaky and left bald spots. A second coat helped immensely, but I had to lay it on pretty thick to get completely opacity. Now, this not normally a real issue for me when I'm using a $3 polish, but at $14.50 a bottle, I believe I am entitled to expect more.

This polish wore well - only tip wear after two days. On the third day though, I was starting to get some chips around the nail edges. Again, disappointing for an expensive polish. I have three other of the new releases, so I'm hoping they produce better results. Stay tuned.


Ann said...

Here is my question: Do you find that the polish you wear is enhanced by the clothing that you wear? The color I applied for Sunday was lifeless against the black and white outfit I wore to church, but today it delights me, sparkling against the bronze tones of my top and hinting a bit of gold itself. What do you think?

Rachel said...

I LOVE the MAC Rich, Dark, Delicious. I have been wanting a dark brown ever since I wore A Man in Every Portugal by OPI. It belonged to someone else and I have been searching ever since for my own bottle. I think this one will satisfy me.

JenSA said...

I love the MAC colour, pity about the quality. Just to note, my 3yr old son says the blue is "ooooh, pretty, sparkly blue like Sally" (In the CARS movie) so he gave his vote of approval.