1 June 2009

Lacquer Lundi

Last Lacquer Lundi, Carolyn (cmarie12) said, "Okay I am not a nail polish girl. I only paint my toes and they are either bright red or a pale pink but I have been following this series every Monday morning. And now I have a question, just how many bottles of nail polish do you own?"

Well, at last count, I own just over 200 bottles. Yeah, I know, it sounds excessive and in all honesty, it is excessive. However, nail polish makes me happy and it's a lot cheaper than fabric and much easier to store. So when I need a quick pick me up, a $5 bottle of polish does the trick.

Now on to the pretties:

Nfu-Oh - #125

- purchased at fabuloustreet.com for $8.50 US

This shimmery olive green nail polish is so interesting. I don't own another colour quite like it. The days that I wore this polish, I got many comments, so it certainly garners attention.

This polish applies nicely and has a good consistency. Due to a few bald spots, I put on three coats to ensure opaqueness. It wore well for the two days I had it on, with slight tip wear and no chipping.

Sally Hansen Insta Dri - Pronto Purple
- purchased at Zehrs (chain grocery store) for $5.99 CDN

With its gorgeous grape colour, this shimmery polish is a definite winner. The medium purple colour is beautiful and very flattering with my skin tone. Admittedly, I really enjoy purple nail polish, but this colour hit it out of the park for me.

Application was good, although the polish was a tad thick. However, the extra wide brush and good polish pigmentation meant that one coat coverage is possible (but, I used tow coats to get a greater depth of colour). I wore Pronto Purple for two days and only had to contend with tip wear.

Rimmel Lycra Wear 10 + Minerals - Tequila Sunrise

- purchased at Shoppers for $3.79 CDN

This medium orange polish is not unique - I have a few other polishes that are quite similar. I however, have a weakness for orange nail polish, so this one found its way home with me.

I was pleasantly surprised with Tequila Sunrise. It applied very well - nice consistency, easy to spread on the nail and fairly opaque ( two coats covered perfectly). It also wore exceptionally well. During the wearing of this polish, I did four hours of gardening - pulling weeds, trimming bushes, sawing off tree branches - all without gloves and the polish only had very minor tip wear. Not a chip in sight. Nice.

Speaking of gardening, I really should use gloves all the time, but I like getting my hands in the soil. However, my nails and skin are bearing the brunt of my outdoor activities. I have been moisturizing constantly and it seems to be keeping the drying and peeling at bay for the most part. So, if you, like me, are battling the crispy-crunchies, my best advice is to slap on the hand cream as often as you possibly can - it seems to be working for me.


cidell said...

I too continue to buying oranges. But, I haven't found a good one for me yet. I wanted to send them to you. But, you keep featuring the same colors I have!

Love that purple!

BetsyV said...

I have been fascinated by your Lacquer Lundi posts, although I don't recall ever wearing nail polish. Ever.

I can recommend disposable exam gloves for the garden though. Your hands will get sweaty, but they will keep the dirt from grinding into your hands. I am sure you can find boxes of 100 for little money at Costco-Canada or your equivalent of Home Depot. It really helps me, especially if I go from the garden into the sewing room, a pretty common event at this time of year!

Claudine said...

I'm fascinated by these posts as well. When you first posted that you were going to do this, I was like, "Please don't! I have no interest in nail polish. Stick to sewing!" I now look forward to these posts every week. It's a lot easier than doing my own nails.

Sheila said...

I also have been following your lacquer lundi posts and have purchased several nail polishes in interesting colors. Today I am wearing a vibrant yellow on my toes. Didn't do my nails b/c I wanted to knit...lol

Nancy (nanflan) said...

I can't seem to keep nail polish on my hands, but I do enjoy giving myself a pedicure. Thanks to your influence, I picked up 4 bottles of "Heaven" nail polish this weekend. The clear diamond glitter is great, and really refreshed my existing pedi.

gwensews said...

Love the olive green polish! I've been taking Biotin for a couple of months, and honestly--my nails have improved dramatically! They stopped peeling and crumblimg on the tips. And now-- I can wear fun polish too!

DawnRose said...

I feel the same as you about having a fondness for polish. I find myself checking my local drugstore at least once a week for anything that sparks my attention. I love love love the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri!!! I have about 5 bottles, if you don't have the Mochaccino shade, try it. I'm not sure if you reviewed that particular shade.

BeeBee said...

Okay, I'm coming out of the closet on the purple. I actually bought this exact polish because I LOVED LOVED the color. It's fantastic. But I was seriously considering doing a post on how bad the polish was. I had to do my right pointer 3 times to get it "ok", it chipped that same night. And tip wore down by noon the next day.
So, I have to know what you did to make yours last for 2 days, 'cause I seriously love this color. (I used a base, 2 coats and a fast dry finish)

Carol said...

I am wearing a similar olive polish right at this very minute. Last winter I went on a green nail polish buying frenzy. I have nine shades of olive alone! That orange polish is almost what I'm looking for. I've bought three different oranges lately and all have disappointed me. A tip for maintaining nice hands is sunscreen. We spend so much time driving and the backs of our hands get exposed to sun all the time. I keep a roll on sunscreen in my car and apply it to the back of my hands every single day in summer (not so regularly in winter). I also exfoliate my hands in the shower every day.

Nancy K said...

I live vicariously through your color choices. I am much more limited in my palette, like 2 or 3 colors max.