7 June 2009


So, I've spent the last few days praying for the sweet release of death. I figure it's got to be better than the allergy hell I've been living through. Every year when the poplar trees release those fluffy puffs of doom, I might as well hand over my sinuses to Satan. I find it highly ironic that only the male poplar tree produces the cottony stuff - leave it to a man to put my immune system into melt down mode. So, while I've been waiting for my cheekbones to explode, I haven't felt like doing much that is useful.

Needless to say, there is a dearth of sewing going on at Chez HZC. So, what to do when you can't sew? Why buy fabric of course! Elliot Berman Textiles is having a 30% off summer sale and I have been lusting after a certain piece of fabric since I missed the last sale. So, without further ado, here is the only thing keeping me from allergen-induced insanity:

I am not usually a pink kind of gal, but this fabric sang it's siren song to me and I could not get it out of my head. I'm thinking a sweet as pie, full-skirted vintage number. That is, assuming I live through next few days. Here's hoping...


Ann's Fashion Studio said...

Hope you find some relieve soon!
Very nice fabric :)

Sew-Ann said...

Lol!! I am having the same issue off and on. I turn into a 3 year old throwing a tantrum when my sinuses act up. Hate it!! I've been taking some stuff called Chlorotabs. Works like a charm but it comes back in a few hours though.

Hope your pain leaves soon and I could totally see this fabric whipped up into a vintage piece!!

Elaray said...

That's the best description of seasonal allergies I've read in my life! It's not the poplar tree for me, but I know how you feel (unfortunately). Feel better soon!

Summerset said...

Yes, oh yes, I can see this fabric as huge skirted vintage confection! Go for it!

Hope the allergies are better - my husband's kicked in this weekend, too.

Cause said...

"I might as well hand over my sinuses to Satan."

"So, while I've been waiting for my cheekbones to explode...."

Shannon, I usually read your blog during my lunchtime. I was laughing so hard while reading your post today that a few of my coworkers came over to check on me :) I understand exactly how you feel. I've been there and just now getting over it.

I'm sorry you're having sinus trouble and I hope you get relief really soon.

CarlaF-in Atlanta

Michelle said...

lol you're hilarious : )

seriously though - got two words for you - local honey. Get thy hands on some and take it every day : ) It might give some relief.

The theory is that bees collect the allergenic pollen as they pollinate all the flowers and trees that grow in the area and so when you ingest the byproduct (honey) - your body builds up natural immunity to the antihistamines.

That's gorgeous fabric, BTW.

EmilyKate said...

Hi there Shannon, I am awarding you a Lovely Blog award because I am emjoying your sewing and nailpolish posts so much. I am very new to the Fingernail World ;o)
You can pick up your award here :o)

Marji said...

Hoping that the allergy stuff quits soon. I recognized that as an Elliott Berman fabric just from the pics before I read it. Don't you just love the way they swirl the fabric? I too missed the last sale, and just returned home from my latest trip to find my package here from this sale. I'm about to open it. Kid in a candy store excited.
Can't wait to see what you do with the pink.
Enjoy your summer of sewing, relaxing, reading etc.
Aren't you about to embark on a construction project too?