26 April 2009

Better Grey than Never - Part 4

Although I have begun spring sewing in earnest, I had a few pieces of the Better Grey than Never Capsule that I haven't posted about yet.

I made a Loes Hinse Bianca top to go with the onionskin Tango skirt that I posted about a while back. Now I can wear the top and skirt together for a two piece dress look or the pieces can be used as separates. To finish off the edges of the top (hem, wrist and neckline), I just plain old serged them, with is the same treatment I used on the hem of the skirt. No muss, no fuss.

I made a Loes Hinse Sweater Set from some polyester knit fabric purchased from Emma One Sock a couple of years ago. At the time I bought several pieces of this "buttermilk" fabric intending to make a bunch of easy-care work garments. That was until I tried wearing this fabric in warmer weather. I literally felt like I was stewing in my own juices inside an oven bag (yeah, I know - eww). Apparently my thermostat runs a bit too high to be comfortable in this fabric year-round. So, I will be keeping these two pieces for cooler weather. (The cardigan has large sew-on snaps for closures).

I also made another Loes Hinse Bianca top (I love the way this baby fits me - I can't stop making them!) from a olive wool knit purchased from Timmel Fabrics. To add a bit of interest to this top, I added three strips of fabric to the front. The edges of the strips were serged with a contrasting thread and then attached with two parallel lines of stitching to secure the centre. Easy-peasy with neato results (see photo the right for a close-up shot of the strips).

ETA: I was asked what buttermilk and onionskin are called in Canada (for instance, what to ask for at Fabricland). They are both just polyester knits. Buttermilk is opaque, substantial and smooth to the touch, while onionskin is lightweight, usually pebbly textured and typically transparent.


angie.a said...

Ooh, I like the strips of fabric! I hear you on the poly knit. I have some that I just really, really want to make summery garments out of, but they're so dang HOT! (and not in that good way either, HA!)

gwensews said...

The buttermilk fabric pieces are very pretty. Too bad they are uncomfortable in hot weather. On the other hand, you have a jump start on fall!

I like how you aded the fabric strips on the blouse. Very nice.

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

You know I'm all for using a pattern as many times as you can! :) Love these pieces and I'm sure they got a work out during the winter season.

Can't wait to see the spring sewing...*hint, hint!* BTW, what fabric did you decide to use for your "prom" dress?

Linda T said...

Nice touch on the vertical strips!

Ann's Fashion Studio said...

Great looking tops and a very nice detail in the front.

paco peralta said...

Shannon .- The application of strips of fabric on the front is a beautiful detail. I love them.

Tany said...

Beautiful job, Shannon! The fabric strips are a nice touch!