20 March 2009

Casual Friday

Today, I thought I'd show you an outfit that I put together a while back. I wanted an outfit that I was casual, yet pulled together. I don't like resorting to looking like a slob if I wish to be comfortable. I'm fairly certain that one of the signs of an impeding apocalypse is the public donning of pajama pants and flip flops by the masses. But, I have ranted on this very subject in the past, so I will leave it alone today.

Anywho...the pants are yet another pair of Loes Hinse Hepburns. This time I made them from some luscious heathered brown RPL fabric that I purchased from Timmel Fabrics (see at left). I absolutely love this stuff, it looks like quality tropical wool, it launders well, it wears like iron and it is a great colour. I truly wish I had bought more. (On a side note, I have been jealously hording my Timmel RPL ever since Julie closed down her business. I can't seem to find another source for it in my area. Does any one have any suggestions for online retailers of high quality RPL?)

The top is the Loes Hinse V-neck Tunic (view A with 3/4 length sleeves and a turn up cuff). The first time I made a muslin of this pattern, I used my typical mix of sizes - XXS for the shoulders, bust and waist, grading out to an XS for the hips. Unfortunately, I found the hips to be a smidgen tight, so on this go 'round, I sewed 1/4" seams in the hip region, instead of the prescribed 3/8" seams and that fixed the problem. The fabric I used is a Roots thermal knit that I purchased from Wazoodle several years ago (see above). From a distance it reads as forest green; on closer inspection, one can see navy yarns in the mix. It really is an interesting piece of fabric.

As the V-neck of the tunic is lower than I like, I usually pair it up with a brown sleeveless Loes Hinse Princess tank underneath (see this post for the details - it's the middle one in the picture at the bottom). In the photo to the left, you can also see that I accessorize with a great brown/green/cream striped scarf that I bought at a local clothing store. I toss on my brown mary jane Clarks and I'm good to go.


gaylen said...

Lovely outfit. I'm sure you were very comfortable and looked fabulous! g

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Great casual friday outfit!!

Nancy K said...

Great outfit for a casual, comfy and pulled together look. You prove the maxim that you can be comfortable and stylish too.

Ann's Fashion Studio said...

This outfit looks very stylish and very comfortable.

Linda said...

Very nice!