18 March 2009

Bolero me Over

I have several more garments made from Loes Hinse patterns to show you over the next little while. I figure I had better get them posted now, as the weather seems to be warming up and spring is approaching. So, I need to post the remainder of my winter sewing endeavours.

First up is another work combo - pants and a jacket. The pants are more Loes Hinse Hepburns (view A), made from some lovely dark caramel wool broadcloth I purchased from Fabric Mart. This pattern has quickly become a TNT for me this winter (at last count I have made five pairs). I can see myself making it up in linen for the summer as well.

The jacket is a Loes Hinse Bolero jacket (view A), created using some fabric remnants I had left over from other garment projects. This was my first attempt at making this jacket (although I have made other LH jackets) and even though I was pretty much certain of the correct size and I flat pattern measured carefully, I still wanted to check the fit. I grabbed the couple of pieces of leftover fabric and got to work. In the end, not only was the fit pretty darn good, I ended up with a great looking jacket. I got tons of compliments when I wore it to work, so I knew I had a winner. The next time I make this jacket, I will nip it in a smidgen to help define the waist area, as it is a little more boxy than I prefer. My favorite part of the jacket? The closure - it is a nifty vintage metal clasp that I found on eBay and it makes the jacket special.

As a final note, whenever I see the LH Bolero pattern, it reminds me of seeing Torvill & Dean perform at the 1984 World Figure Skating Championships in Ottawa. I was a huge figure skating fan in my early teen years and my aunt was kind enough to take me to the Worlds. I will never forget seeing their bolero performance live and in person - to say it was magical is an understatement. I can actually remember people around us holding back tears at the end of their performance.


gwensews said...

Those pants are gorgeous. I haven't seen that pattern made up. They look super comfortable and very chic.

CarlaF said...


I'm glad you have you sewing mojo back :) Your suit looks fantastic. Thank you linking to the ice dancing performance. I remember watching that performance on tv and wishing I lived some place where it snowed. They made me want to skate.

CarlaF-in Atlanta, Georgia

Pamela Erny said...

Beautiful garments, Shannon....lovely work!

Pam ~Off The Cuff~

Lisette M said...

Your outfit looks very elegant. I'm still a figure skating fan and I remember being mesmerized watching them dance. I have always prefered ice dancing because I believe the artistry can really come through.

Anonymous said...

Love your new jacket. I saw T&D only on tv, but their artistry took my breath away. Thanks for the memory.

Sigrid said...

Love your clothes, the pants seem exceptionally comfortable. And the colors are very much you.

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

What an awesome outfit! More...I want more! *LOL*

angie.a said...

Oh wow, I well remember Bolero!!! And Sarajevo!! I seriously thought I was going to grow up and marry Scott Hamilton. :)

Tany said...

Fantastic job on both garments. I really love the vintage clasp closure!