24 November 2008

Canadian Blog Awards

I am so deeply honoured that Connie has nominated me for a Canadian Blog Award in the "Best Activities Blog" category. Not that I'm telling y'all what to do or anything, but if you wanted to, you could go check it out and if you happened to vote for me that would be cool too... :)


Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Congrats on the nomination! Here's hoping!!!!

Marji said...

What a great nomination to have rec'd. (You do know that Stephanie, the Yarn Harlot, is also on that list? She who writes books and goes on book tours and has a following that borders on religious zeal? She who gets 150-300 comments on every blog post she writes?)
I'm just happy to see your happy face back on blogland again, and to know that a sewist has a place on that list of Blog Awards.

maryww said...

More than happy to vote for you. I have left comments before but something went awry because they never showed up.