30 January 2008

Ready, Set, SWAP - Part 4

In my last post, I mentioned that I wished I had made a small bust adjustment (SBA) on the jacket/top front, but that I thought it would be okay anyhow. Well, wouldn't you know it, it has been bothering me ever since I cut out that front, so I went back and did the SBA and recut the front piece in the fashion fabric and the lining. Thank goodness I had enough left over fabric to do this. I knew if I didn't fix the front, it would drive me nuts and I would never be truly happy with the garment. So, I have taken a few steps backward, but in the end, it will pay off.

Unfortunately I won't be able to do any more work on the jacket/top tonight. Things are crazy with work right now. Exams just finished up, so it's time to mark exams, calculate final marks for each student and enter final marks with comments into a computer program. Tonight is Grade 8 Parents' Night. This is an event in which the parents of local grade school students are welcome to come by my high school to look around and learn about the programs we offer - in my part of Canada, grade school is grades K - 8 and high school is grades 9 - 12, so this is a huge transition for students and parents. Friday is the start of a new semester and next week, I put on a chemistry magic show for 300 grade 8 students. So, busy, busy, busy - I hope to get back down to sewing soon.


Michee Rose said...

Oooo, chemsitry magic shows are the best!
I remember my first day of chem, my teacher told a story of a woman who kept changing her drink order from water to milk to wine back to water (or some order...that was like 15yrs ago). It was pretty cool to watch her pour the liquid back and forth and see it change color.
And then there was the flaming gumball with no "starter" (just a chemical reaction that yielded a high concentration of oxygen). I think it almost shot across the room.
Oh and the project where we got to make MOLE-asses cookies for mole day.
Okay, I'm a offically a geek. :-D

Summerset said...

I'd have done the same with the SBA - it would have plagued me until I fixed it, too!

One of my favorite lab tricks is to boil water by using a bag of ice cubes. It mystifies most people every time.

austin said...

I would have done the same with the SBA. I think of it as being detail oriented. LOL

I'm looking forward to seeing your latest SWAP. You always choose just the right patterns to go with your fabrics!

Thanks for the BD wishes!

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Glad you had enough fabric left to make the change you wanted! Good luck with the school stuff and see you in a few days!

French.Seam said...

Lucky you had enough fabric to recut for your SBA. Do you ever do an SBA on a ready to wear garment? I have bought a lovely silk jacket in a sale, and I need to take it in an inch or so at the bust.