10 June 2007

Simplicity 4045 - Coat

Pattern: Simplicity 4045 - view E - coat

Size: This pattern comes in sizes 6 to 14 - I made size 8.

Fabric: Green paisley from Fabric Mart.

Project Photo
Comments: I had originally purchased this fabric for another project. However, the cocoa background colour matched so perfectly with the linen/rayon fabric that I used for the dress that I knew I had to make the coordinating jacket. The cut of this jacket is very boxy and reminds me of a lab coat (even though I am a chemist, I have never been a fan of lab coats - I'm already geeky enough). The belt helps nip the jacket in at the waist, but I still prefer a more shapely coat/jacket. Despite the lack of curves, I still really like this jacket - I think mainly because I adore the fabric. This will be a wonderful spring/fall outfit.

There is one last thing I wanted to mention. This coat is unlined (which I prefer for most of my warm weather clothes), so I flat felled all the seams to keep the inside nice and neat. Long live flat felling!!

Conclusion: This is a very cute jacket and although I am very happy with the way it turned out, I probably won't make it again. I prefer a jacket that emphasizes the waist and I have about a bazillion other patterns crying out to be made.


Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Did you hear that scream of delight all the way from NJ when I opened your page this morning?! Ohmygosh ~ both pieces are so lovely! Love the fabric, the pieces and the way they mix and match! Okay...I am calm now! :) Thanks for the pics!

Summerset said...

Fantastic! I can see you getting quite a bit of use out of this in the fall as well as now.

Now why can't you make a unique, proper fitting lab coat that you love? I used to have a white one that was perfect - nipped in at the waist, petite and had a belt too. I'm not sure whatever happened to it, but I haven't worn one since, and I used to wear it all the time at school.

Tany said...

Great outfit! I love the fabric and I think the simple stylelines really enhance this fabric! I made a coat exactly like this one a few years ago!

Vicki said...

They look great together. The cocoa dress is really enhanced with the jacket.

Laura said...

Gorgeous, Shannon, absolutely gorgeous! I love the two pieces together, the colours are wonderful

Beth said...

Wow! It's beautiful--I LOVE that fabric!

jemima bean said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE this fabric! Gorgeous color! Ooh, I love to flat fell my interior seams. I'm such a dork that way. (Oh & btw, please don't tell me you can be TOO geeky. You can never be too geeky. Right?)

Sheila said...

Hello... introduced to your blog by Carolyn @ diaryofasewingfanatic. I love the coat as well as the dress.. great job. I'm new to sewing garments... can I ask... what's the difference between a flat felled seam and a french seam.

Shannon said...

I've eyed this pattern from time to time, but never bought it because it is so boxy. Yours looks so good, I think I might have to buy it and give it a try. Great job!