20 August 2007

Uh oh!

Well, I had a post all set to go about the bodice of my Go With the Flow Dress, but I can't upload any photos because my husband's computer crashed. We have two computers (his & hers!) and they are networked together - when his crashes, I'm out of luck trying to grab photos stored on his computer.

Instead, I thought I'd post a couple of garments that have caught my eye lately - one reasonably priced, the other way out of my price range. I really want to knock these babies off, so I have included the patterns I would use for just that purpose. All garment photos/descriptions are from Nordstrom.com:

Maestro Ruffle Swing Jacket
" Long ribbon secures an adorable silhouette, styled with a ruffle-trimmed neckline, three-quarter sleeves and a cropped cut." (polyester/wool) - $88

I plan to recreate this look using Vogue 8123 or Simplicity 3631. Both of these jacket patterns have the raglan sleeves, the straight boxy lines and the round neckline required to pull off this look. The ruffle at the neckline of the inspiration piece can be created using strips of fabric simply gathered and sewn to the neckline with a large zigzag or overcast stitch. The raw edges of the ruffles can be finished with the zigzag/overcast as well (I would prefer a serged edge, but I don't own a serger, so I will make due with what my sewing machine has to offer). Notice that the sleeves have a small band attached at the cuff - this too can easily be recreated.

There is no back view of the jacket available, however, in the description, it says there is an inverted back pleat. If I wish to keep this detail, I may use a narrowed down version of Vogue 8146 instead.

As far as fabric goes, there is a really nice brown tweed at my local fabric store just crying out to be this jacket. I already have the brown velvet ribbon for the neckline closure, although the actual closure is a hidden hook and eye.

Burberry London Single Breasted Wool & Cashmere Coat

"Button front. Mandarin collar. Three-quarter sleeves with belt and button detail. Tie belt with buckle. Two front pockets." (wool/cashmere) - $1695

The first pattern I thought of is Simplicity 3631 (see above) because of the last amazing issue of Sew Stylish magazine. The coat created from this pattern on p. 74 has a very similar vibe. Although the Simplicity coat has the bell shaped belted sleeve, it is lacking in many other areas. To get the fitted, collared, belted, set in sleeve, single breasted look of the inspiration piece, I would instead start with Vogue 7978. View D, with a pared down collar work quite nicely. The belted bell sleeve and a belt/carriers could also be easily added. The only problem with V7978 is the lack of fullness in the lower portion of the coat. This could be remedied by slashing and spreading the pattern pieces to get more fullness.

If I'm going to all this trouble to make this coat, I don't want to cheap out on fabric. I would try to find a wool/cashmere blend like the original. However, I don't want a light grey coat, I want something with more impact, so I would probably look for red.


Bonnie D. said...

Ann at Gorgeous Fabrics has some nice colors of cashmere blends.

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Shannon - these are all very inspiring ideas. If I could wear the ruffled one to work, I definitely would! And isnt there a stitch on your Kenmore that looks a lot like an overlocking stitch? There is on my Janome. But the most depressing thing is that I have almost all of these patterns and haven't used one! ;)

Isabelle said...

Oh, that first coat is so darling!! The idea of making a cropped jacket for Fall has been trotting in my mind, too. So cute and feminine at the same time.

Marji said...

That Burberry design would be TDF in red. In fact, I have the perfect red cashmere/wool blend in my stash from The Wool House in Toronto - you might check them out as a source if you don't find it elsewhere.
I know your fit issues are different so you probably wouldn't face the same problems, but beware of V8146. MaryBeth had real issues with it, and I muslined it for my sister this past week and I think there are some real pattern draft issues with that raglan - it's petite to start with - all too short.