8 August 2007

New Look 6637 & Loes Hinse 5209 (Princess Tank)

Pattern: New Look 6637 & Loes Hinse 5209 (Princess Tank)

Size: NL6637 comes in sizes 8 to 18 - I used size 8. LH5209 comes in sizes XXS to XXL - I used XXS.

Fabric: Rust linen/cotton blend from Fabricland & White Needle Out Interlock from Wazoodle.

Project Photo:

Comments: I have had this New Look pattern for a very long time (probably since the late 80s/early 90s). While browsing around the New Look website, I noticed that it had been reissued and it inspired me to get my copy out and finally use it! I cannot say enough wonderful things about this wrap skirt. It fits me perfectly right out of the package. The only variance from the instructions was that I used flat felled seams throughout to keep the inside of the skirt neater.

I have made the LH Princess tank before and I really like its lines. The first time I made it, however, I had to do a fair bit of alteration. I normally use the XXS in Loes' patterns, so of course my first attempt at this pattern was with the XXS. It was HUGE. To remedy this, I folded out an inch on both the front and back pattern pieces and overlapped an inch on both the side pieces. Now, it fits beautifully.

Conclusion: I really like how this outfit turned out - I feels like I'm ready for a quick game of tennis whenever I put it on! I will definitely be making both of these garments again.


Q&A: I was asked a couple of questions in the comments recently and I wanted to take a bit of time to answer them.

  • Becky asked, "I'm also curious as to how you did the elastic in the neckline, since I'm constantly having issues with necklines being too low. Especially on knits."
I don't really have any magic formula as to how I add the elastic. In most cases, if the neckline finish is simply turned and stitched down, I just thread elastic through the small "casing" that is created by the neckline hem. I tend to knot the elastic at one end of the casing and also at the other end, leaving a 3 inch piece hanging from either end, on the inside of the garment. This way I can tightened or loosen the elastic thread in the future if needed. I use the elastic thread that is normally used for shirring.

  • Carolyn asked, "So when do you start back to school sewing!?"
Well, I don't really have a set date on which I start my fall/winter sewing. I have actually completed a few pieces already, interspersed with my summer sewing. I have, however, been madly working on a couple of fall/winter SWAP storyboards. Both SWAPs contain a full phase one (11 garments), phase two (9 garments) & phase three (7 garments). One of the SWAPs has a green/brown/orange/cream theme and the other is a teal/brown/caramel/cream colourway. I'm not sure yet which one will take precedence in the sewing line-up. When I decide, I'll share the storyboard.


Tany said...

Another lovely outfit!

Becky said...

Thanks for explaining that! I'll definitely have to give that a try.

Adrienne said...

Love the outfit!

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Another great summer outfit! And thanks for answering my question. Now of course I am slobbering waiting for the SWAP storyboard! :)

jemima bean said...

I'm slobbering with caroyln. Hurry UP. :P