23 July 2007

Fabric Mart Strikes Again!!

As I usually do (several times each and every day), I clicked on the "New Arrivals" at Fabric Mart and I almost fell out of my chair. There, before me, was one of the most interesting fabrics I'd seen in a while. I had to act fast, as there was only 19 yards left. While I was there, I picked up a few other pieces, just to (ahem) round out my order (ahem). So, ya wanna see what I got??

Wool Tweed with Floral Outlined Design - this fabric is SO COOL!

Olive Cotton Ribknit Jersey and Nutmeg Rayon/Lycra Jersey

Green/Aqua/Brown Poly Jersey Knit and Maggy London Gold Rayon/Metallic/Lycra Knit

I only have sketchy ideas of what these fabric will eventually become, but I'll figure it out - I'm sure inspiration will hit in good time!!


Summerset said...

Clicking over . . . . thanks!

Vicki said...

Now that is some nice purchases!

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

ohmygosh, I have been avoiding Fabric Mart like the plague and now I have to go and look! Hopefully the good stuff will be gone! *LOL*

Linda said...

Wow! I certainly missed this fabric. Great choices.

cidell said...

I just made me first FM purchase today. Your fabric is wonderful.