21 July 2007

All Sorts of Stuff About Me

I have been tagged by both Gaylen and Angie. So, here's all the juicy info:

1. What kind of seam ripper do you use?
- just a cheapo one, like this:

2. What do you use to snip threads at the sewing machine?
- a small pair of embroidery scissors, like this:

3. What do you use to cut out patterns/fabric?
- a pair of Fiskars scissors, like this:

4. Do you stash zippers?
- I stash everything, including zippers (yah, zipperstop.com!)

5. Which takes up more space in your stash — knits or wovens?

- wovens; it's a 2/3 woven, 1/3 knit ratio

6. Are you wearing anything today that you made?

- yes, a knit top and seersucker cardigan (but, the pants are RTW)

7. Does anyone else in your family currently sew?

- nope, not a soul

8. What is the last $$ sewing-related (non-fabric) item you bought?
- my new Kenmore Elite 19005 sewing/embroidery machine

9. Cutting out, pressing, hemming. Which one do you like the LEAST?

- I hate hemming; every time my husband has pants to hem, I cringe. But, I still do it because I am wonderful :)

10. Do you have any non-chain garment fabric stores in your local area?
- there are two stores that carry just quilt fabric within 20 km; for apparel fabric, the drive increases to 60 km.

If anyone else wants to participate, go for it!!

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Summerset said...

Hmmm. . . interesting, I think this might be a post for later this week!