25 May 2007

Pattern, Pattern, Who's got the Pattern?

Recently I have posted some inspiration pieces found on Nordstrom.com (you'd almost think I had stock in the company). A few people have voiced their desire to find patterns suitable to knock off these garments. Here are a few suggestions:

Eme & commented that the BCBGirls "Chloe" Seersucker Jacket could be reproduced using Hot Patterns No Sweat Easy Sew Sugar Babe Jacket.

Pearl & Linda professed interest in the Fabrizio Gianni Sleeveless Tee. The closest patterns I can find to duplicate this look are Jalie 2682 or possibly Simplicity 4074 (view E minus the sleeves).

As I find other matches, I will post them.


MéLisa said...

I haven't made the Sugar Babe jacket yet, but I have heard that it might run big. So jsut a heads up if your are thinking of making it. I just love the look of it before & then when I saw the jacket that you posted I love it even more!!! Now I just have to get moved & figure out some fabric so that I can make it. What other fabrics do you think that it would look good in? (I am trying to shopt the stash seeing as I just had to pack it all up & it's embarrassingly large)

Shannon said...

I think the jacket needs a drapey fabric, like suggested on the envelope. I love tencel, tencel/linen blends, rayon or rayon/linen blends for the fluidity of the fabric. Do you have anything in your stash with this fibre content?

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Shannon - I like the Gianni Sleeveless Tee and Simplicity 4074 match. I can get a kewl sleeveless tee and a faux wrap dress out of the same pattern - not bad, not bad at all! Thanks for the combos!

Anonymous said...

Shannon, Thanks for crawling the web and sharing your "finds" with us. If you come across a pattern match for the Milly dress (I'm trying to send a copy out), let me know. I'm not that computer savvy so I may try another route than this.
thanks, Auntie J